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We were all taught that it’s never okay to cut in line. You have to wait your turn, even if the row stretches down the street and around the corner. Call it ambition or sheer stubbornness, but pop singer-songwriter Margie Chadburn found a way around this childhood predicament: skip the line altogether. That’s what she did with her music career. Bypassing the hit reality show American Idol, Margie went straight to the source – the Jim Hensen Studios in Los Angeles where Randy Jackson records. There she fashioned her forthcoming album with producer Denarius "Motesart" Motes, known for his work with Celine Dion. 

But LA is a long way from home, and getting to Hollywood wasn’t as easy as it sounds. Residing in Atlanta and Utah, Margie spent years honing her craft before landing at LAX. “My mom said I could sing before I talked,” she explained. “When I was a kid my parents were really big on service. I had a big family and all of my sisters and brother would go to restaurants, convalescent centers, etc. and donate our time and talents. So I started performing when I was a child and just kept on performing because I loved it.” Well-versed in guitar in piano, music became a form of therapy in her teens. It helped her combat bullying and provided an outlet to develop self-esteem. “Music really helped me heal a lot of the issues I had growing up.” 

Music also helped Margie cultivated a taste for self-reliance. Taking her career in her own hands, she established a home studio and put out several recordings independently, including 2010’s self-titled album, 2012's Unlocked Secrets EP, 2014's Cover Sessions, Vol. 1, along with a handful of singles. Frequently collaborating with Atlanta producers Simon Illa and Lorenzo, her latest single "I Don’t Want To Feel This Way" featuring Keil garnered over 30,000 views on YouTube within days of its release. She also landed at #1 on ReverbNation’s singer/songwriter charts. Her newest track "George Clooney,” featuring Jitta On The Track who recently toured with Drake, dabbles into the realm of EDM and pop – the perfect appetizer for her impending full-length record. 
“No matter what happens in your life, if you fight through the dirt and darkness there is a light at the end. It is still something that I have to continually do but even if you get 1000 nos and are not good enough, you can turn it into a positive.”

On the web: @margiechadburn