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Elvis Fontenot
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For over 25 years Elvis Fontenot have turned traditional cajun and zydeco music, eclectic covers and original songs into their own trademark high energy Swamp'n'Roll. Expect an infectious and danceable good time.

"An explosion of manic cajun and punk–zydeco energy"

"A gurning bundle of leering, squealing, careening, lurching riot, they are Big Fun"

"Combining the pace of a Ska band and the intensity of punk with squeeze box and scrub–board tricks and tuneage born on the bayou"

"Was full of vivacious kick and naughtiness but with extremely high standards of musicianship"

"Absolutely the best thing at the Festival. Mama’s Got A Squeeze Box. Somebody Sign These People – Now"

Email: paul@motagator.net

Phone: +44 (0) 7729 730135

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Elvis Fontenot - Live from the Big Screen

Elvis Fontenot - Live from the Big Screen

Category: Film & Animation
Duration: 00:04:17