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An award winning songwriter, recording and performance artist who has gained multinational media attention via recent compositions like, "Wall Street Bail Out Blues". Major industry recording collaborations have garnered fans and recognition worldwide. Featured in a half dozen film and video projects across the US, on the recordings of more than a dozen Pacific Northwest artists, in addition to 30 self produced recordings since 1995... Turning trash into musical treasure with homemade Frankenstein Nobro resophonic guitars, constructed from repurposed recycled junk. A virtuoso in the musical Folk Art of bowing melodies with a hand saw. "One of the best in the world".

Acoustic Rural & Delta Bottleneck Blues - Primitive American Folk Roots - Early to Mid 1900s Novelty music and instrumentation

Alien Ruins

Category: Film & Animation
Duration: 00:02:51
Alien Ruins by R. R. Meisler ©2020 Astral Arts All rights reserved

Captain's Log: 4.12.2020.10 While on a routine survey of an uncharted and previously thought, uninhabited planet, we experienced sudden catastrophic engine failure. There was enough reserve power for a safe landing. We put down near an outcropping, of what appears to be an unusually large mineral deposit, on an otherwise barren landscape. The deposit radiates a strong magnetic signature, that's interfering with our sensor readings. We believe the radiation may be the cause our engine failure. Unable to penetrate the radiation with sensors, a team was sent to explore the site. Our survey revealed that what we thought were mineral deposits, are the ruins of an ancient alien structure. An advanced civilization of beings once occupied this world. They appear to have been a society with a written language, a love for art, a talent for architecture, education, scientific innovation, all of the things we cherish. What happened here?

This video slideshow features images of my latest recycled found object science fiction fantasy sculpture. The soundtrack used for this video is a digitally manipulated recording featuring me demonstrating the third harmonic octave of my Mussehl and Westphal baritone musical saw. This sound file was part of a project produced by my friend Phil Erb (RIP), from a live digital recording that he captured of me playing in "The Cave" at the Pike Place Market about ten years ago. He called it, The Third Story Of The Sawmill by The Infected Termite Ensemble. Enjoy!

The Third Story Of The Sawmill by The Infected Termite Ensemble ©2010 Reggie Miles all rights reserved

Spacecraft dimensions: 13.5" L x 7.5" W x 6.5" H, 4.5 Lbs