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  SULTAN, WA   Joined March 20, 2005

An award winning songwriter, recording and performance artist who has gained multinational media attention via recent compositions like, "Wall Street Bail Out Blues". Major industry recording collaborations have garnered fans and recognition worldwide. Featured in a half dozen film and video projects across the US, on the recordings of more than a dozen Pacific Northwest artists, in addition to 30 self produced recordings since 1995... Turning trash into musical treasure with homemade Frankenstein Nobro resophonic guitars, constructed from repurposed recycled junk. A virtuoso in the musical Folk Art of bowing melodies with a hand saw. "One of the best in the world".

Acoustic Rural & Delta Bottleneck Blues - Primitive American Folk Roots - Early to Mid 1900s Novelty music and instrumentation

The Gadget Effect at The 2018 Oregon Country Fair

Category: Music
Duration: 00:12:06
The "Gadget" Effect: The effect achieved by playing with one or more of the washboard based Gadgets created by Pacific NW Folk/Blues artist Reggie Miles.

Here are four days worth of video clips and images captured during the 2018 Oregon Country Fair, arranged in chron-illogical order and compressed into 12 minutes, featuring children of all ages interacting with my musical percussion and sound-effect toys.

An experiment in interactive Musical Folk Arts and sound exploration for children. Providing an all-ages amusement with motor skill challenges and tactile/visual/auditory exercises, to create fun percussion and sound effects. Offering a -Do Touch!- experience, children freely explore, engage their curiosity, exercise their creativity, and enjoy a playful pause