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An award winning songwriter, recording and performance artist who has gained multinational media attention via recent compositions like, "Wall Street Bail Out Blues". Major industry recording collaborations have garnered fans and recognition worldwide. Featured in a half dozen film and video projects across the US, on the recordings of more than a dozen Pacific Northwest artists, in addition to 30 self produced recordings since 1995... Turning trash into musical treasure with homemade Frankenstein Nobro resophonic guitars, constructed from repurposed recycled junk. A virtuoso in the musical Folk Art of bowing melodies with a hand saw. "One of the best in the world".

Acoustic Rural & Delta Bottleneck Blues - Primitive American Folk Roots - Early to Mid 1900s Novelty music and instrumentation

Discrimination's Fires

Category: News & Politics
Duration: 00:04:26
Discrimination's Fires
by Reggie Miles © 2017 All rights reserved

Say goodbye to net neutrality
Protesting is a felony
Abortion's illegal, immigration too
Freedom of speech is now taboo

Will this criminal nation ever learn
Discrimination's fires burn

Lower taxes for the wealthy few
Higher taxes for me and you
Healthcare lost to millions more
The rich get richer, the poor more poor

This criminal nation's greedy yearn
To see discrimination's fires burn

The new normal's not normal at all
Keep Mexicans out by building a wall
Muslims forced into a registry
To live in this land of the free

This criminal nation took a wrong turn
As discrimination's fires burn

Fake news is everywhere
Alternative facts are what we share
Normalization of violence and hate
Welcome to these un-united states

This criminal nation's hard to discern
While discrimination's fires burn
The president dodges his personal debt
Braggin bout grabbin what he can't get
He's a megalomaniac misogynist
Impeachment looms on everyone's lips

This criminal nation's end of days
Discrimination's fires blaze

The republic's crashin to the ground
Because of a single orange faced clown
With tiny hands and skin too thin
A bad combover bully's narcissistic win

This criminal nation's point of no return
And discrimination's fires burn

Millions marchin in the street
To an anti-fascist protest beat
They've had their fill of all this shit
And no, they ain't gettin over it

This criminal nation better change its ways
Before discrimination's fires blaze

My county tis of thee
Sweet land of liberty
Of thee I sing today
We've got to find a better way

This criminal nation has got to learn
Discrimination's fires burn

This is what democracy looks like Don
Don't bother unpackin you'll soon be gone