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Lead Vocal with 4 piece band "Flashback!" mostly 60's music..ideal for parties, school reunions. Looking for others to cover these songs, all written by me. What people have said about these tracks:- "Sheer Brilliance" - Jim Liddane ISA Chairman "Excellent song"- Scamp studios G.I.S.C "Very Good"- Richard Usher BBC Berkshire "Very Funny" (White Van Man) - Jonathan Hancock BBC Oxford "Excellent Groove + Hook" - Billboard "Really Digging White Van Man" - Blast 1386 radio "Next!" - X Factor Audition - (True!) "Eh?" - Beethoven "______ " - Marcel Marceau "Lets Book Him" - Basingstoke Police "Turn it down" - His Mum! "It'll be better in Stereo" - Van Gogh Please rate these songs, as this is the best way of knowing if I'm doing okay. Should you wish to Buy a CD of these songs "Out of Me Head" = 7.50 p Contact:- Mbl 07836 606160 Bio Left home at an early age, due to the handbrake on my pram not working..... My mothers advice to me on leaving,..."Put a clean pair of pants on everyday" Sunday I couldnt get my trousers on! I removed the rear view mirror in my car, and have never looked back..... I used to dread the summer holidays, spending 6 weeks with my grandparents.....I hated that graveyard! Invented the worlds strongest acid, but I cant find anything to put it in!.. If it weren't for Venetian Blinds it would be Curtains for all of us!! Now In Ideal Job....tasting Lager and testing Mattresses able to combine both easily! Felt depressed, and tried to end it all by taking 200 aspirin....after the first 2 felt much better........... Samaritans Hung up on me.... Thought my maths teacher fancied me...she kept putting x's all over my work... Tried Stand Up comedy but people just laughed at me... The guy that was on before me was so-o bad they were still boo-ing when I was on. Not sure what to do, might be a Gynaecologist again..I like to keep my hand in!..... I went to the Library yesterday I said "Have you got any books on shelving?"...she said "They all are!" Was going to go on a assertiveness course but I couldnt be arsed... Had a Penis extension........makes the house look strange though! The U Bend on a toilet.....cant get my head around it What do you guys think about schizophrenia?, I'm in two minds about it Black Beauty.....A dark horse that one To all you Virgins out there.....thanks for nothing! Have found next weeks Lottery ball draw results!!! they are from left to right as follows lowest number first:-
Beatles, Eagles, Billy Joel, Del Amitri, Phil Collins


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