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Put Aside Your Differences

By Oren, 2007-02-17

Scott Lake plays bass, keyboard and programs the percussion for this collaboration about making the best of a friendship that involves differences of opinion and lifestyle.

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Closer to Home

By Oren, 2006-12-28

<p>In this age of technology and affluence, it is wise to look to the source of our existance - this Earth - for inspiration and perspective.</p>

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Re-defining the Flute

By Oren, 2007-02-06

<p>Mick Emery is a &quot;synthophone&quot; player, and uses his prodigious saxophone chops to duplicate just about any wind instrument imaginable. He recently agreed to play a flute track for me, and&nbsp;now it&#39;s&nbsp;here for your enjoyment. &quot;Jalapeno Moment&quot; His site: <a href="http://www.mickemery.com/">http://www.mickemery.com/</a>&nbsp;</p>

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